2017 ACCPA Crime Prevention Conference


Successful crime prevention takes the entire community to become engaged. ACCPA is the hub for Alberta to share best practices in crime prevention between community members & organizations, government and law enforcement.

This years’ conference took place May 2 & 3 at the Clarion Hotel in Calgary, Alberta and brought together ACCPA members, partners and experts, many of whom are engaged in crime prevention initiatives across Alberta, with a focus on how we can come together as a group and collaborate to help prevent crime in our region.

Featured speakers included Dr. Chad Nilson, VP of Research and Evaluation, Global Network for Community Safety, Christiane Sadeler, Executive Director, Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, and Greg Saville, Founder & CEO, AlterNation.



VP of Research and Evaluation, Global Network for Community Safety
Dr. Chad Nilson is vice president of research and evaluation at the Global Network for Community Safety, where he provides research, evaluation, advising and planning services to various community-based organizations and government agencies in provincial, federal, and Aboriginal jurisdictions. Chad is also the inaugural research fellow at the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies – University of Saskatchewan. Chad has developed a strong research agenda in community safety, has helped communities build strategies for violence reduction, and as lead investigator with the Living Skies Centre for Social Inquiry, has conducted numerous evaluations of crime prevention programs.
Since releasing his 2014 preliminary impact assessment on the Hub Model in Prince Albert, Chad has been invited to lead and support conversations and planning of collaborative risk-driven intervention practices, data collection and evaluation across the country. As a technical advisor to the Ontario Working Group on Collaborative Risk-Driven Community Safety, Chad developed a supportive guide to lead evaluation of community safety and well-being in Ontario. He has recently been contracted by Public Safety Canada to gather lessons learned from the Samson Cree Nation Hub in Alberta. Chad also serves as an evaluation advisor to several Hub/Situation Tables in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Finally, Dr. Nilson continues to support various communities with his expertise as the lead developer of the Hub (Risk Tracking) Database now being used across Canada.
Dr. Chad Nilson is a founding partner of the Global Network for Community Safety.
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Collaborative Risk-Driven Intervention, Responsible Information Sharing.
This segment will examine the evolution of the ‘Hub model’, established in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and its subsequent adoption in communities across Canada in the six years since the Prince Albert Hub was launched. A focus of this segment will discuss the fidelity and discipline of this Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) model as it pertains to information sharing and privacy.




Executive Director, Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council
Christiane Sadeler is the Executive Director of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council (WRCPC) which is a partnership between community and local government for crime prevention through social development in the Region of Waterloo. She is also the founding co-chair of the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention.
Born and raised in Germany, Christiane immigrated to Canada in 1989 after a decade of living in England and New Zealand. She has taught graduate courses in community engagement, worked in direct care, managed several multi-disciplinary teams and has led policy & planning efforts in areas such as mental health, teen parenting, victims of childhood abuse and neglect, young and adult offenders, and with victims and offenders of sexual abuse. Her passion and by extension much of her work is often focused on those who live at the margins of our communities. In working collaboratively with diverse service providers, grass roots groups, enforcement and justice services and with all orders of government Christiane shows a strong preference for community based solutions and prevention approaches that challenge us to think about old problems in new ways. When not at a board room or kitchen table, she can most likely be found somewhere in the great outdoors soaking up silence, canoeing, hiking and taking photos.
SPEAKER PRESENTATION: How to Build Safe Communities through Collaboration
The story of the Waterloo Region crimes prevention council after two decades of lessons learned.




Founder & CEO, AlterNation
I am a criminologist and Canadian urban planner specializing in urban safety, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and SafeGrowth® , a concept I developed and registered to respond to modern problems in urban development. I am CEO of Alternation LLC, an international consultancy with a number of specialists specializing in SafeGrowth®, community development, CPTED, and crime prevention.
SPEAKER PRESENTATION: SafeGrowth in the 21st Century Neighbourhood
I have conducted security and CPTED assessments for 25 years and am founder and former chair of the International CPTED Association. I am also a former police officer with the Peel Regional Police.