Calgary Foundation Neighbour Grants


The Friends of the Federation, a registered charity, is back in business! As a charity we can work with you and The Calgary Foundation, as a charitable sponsor, to help encourage volunteerism, promote civic responsibility, celebrate community, honour history and culture, build gardens, green our communities and paint murals or pavement – to name a few. What we need is your ideas and your commitment to carry out your project. You fill out The Neighbour Grant Application and then get us to support it with our charity. We will work with The Calgary Foundation to ensure both our charitable objects are met through your project. If your grant is successful, as the charitable sponsor we will hold the funds until you complete the project. All you have to do is submit the receipts and a report and we will reimburse your organization for the grant portion of the project. A normal Neighbour Grant is up to $5,000 but for the March 5, 2018 deadline only, they are offering grants between $3,000 and $10,000 as part of Pitch Night: A Neigbhour Grants LIVE event. For more information click here