Rural Victims of Crime

0 Rural Victims of Crime

Alistair Harkness announces the release of the book ‘Rural Victims of Crime’. Alistair is the co-director of the Centre for Rural Criminology at the University of New England and the Secretary of the International Society for the Study of Rural Crime (ISSRC). The website is Copies can be acquired from the publisher here.

How to Prevent Identity Theft


 More than 229 million people have fallen victim to fraud since 2020—we are sharing with you Norton’s newly released identity fraud prevention guide. The resource not only highlights some of the most common types of identity theft to look out for, but it also features cybersecurity tips to help keep your information safe, such as remembering to check […]

Alberta Substance Abuse Resources


The recent pandemic has put additional stress on our country, especially those who are victims of our nation’s drug epidemic. Drug Rehab Services offers a link to substance abuse resources in Alberta. On the site, you’ll find a comprehensive listing of every addiction service available in Alberta including services in over 75 cities in the […]

How to Check if a Website is Safe and Legitimate


The World Wide Web provides us with an ocean of information, entertainment and communication options. However, as with everything in life, the good most certainly comes with some bad. And when it comes to the Internet, the bad can be really bad. Read more here And here are some other sites that speak to online […]

Best Home Security Cameras for 2020

0 Security camera

Are you looking for a home security camera system (to augment your home based security system) but are not sure which one to choose with all the options available these days? (Note that a security system protects the occupants of a residence or business from intrusion, assault or worse. A security system sends signals to […]

Analysis of Consumer Fraud in the U.S.


A team at ADT Security has utilized the past 3 years of data from the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker database and analyzed the most prevalent varieties of fraud across the U.S. Their research presents the growth of certain scams in recent years and the financial losses associated with each scheme in the United States. […]

Homefront held up as shining light of support services


A Calgary-based program supporting victims of domestic violence is more than happy to share 18 years of knowledge to help establish a similar system in Edmonton, the organization’s boss says. “This is not something you want to hide,” Homefront Calgary executive director Maggie MacKillop said Thursday. “This is something you share.” The program was identified […]

Calgary Foundation Neighbour Grants


The Friends of the Federation, a registered charity, is back in business! As a charity we can work with you and The Calgary Foundation, as a charitable sponsor, to help encourage volunteerism, promote civic responsibility, celebrate community, honour history and culture, build gardens, green our communities and paint murals or pavement – to name a […]

Identity Theft


In just about every country around the world there are people who make a living stealing other people’s identities. In fact, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada and stories of computer hacking, viruses and scams appear in the news almost daily. And while it may seem like something that only […]