CRA Scam


Police say a 58-year-old woman received a phone call on Wednesday afternoon from someone claiming to be from the agency, who said she owed $6,000 in taxes and there was a warrant for her arrest. The woman was contacted again by a person claiming to be with the RCMP and he convinced her to give […]

Don’t Drink It! How to Avoid Fake Liquor Scams

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It seems there’s a flourishing trade in fake liquor, especially bourbons and vodkas.   Counterfeits are turning up in all types of places, including hotels, retail stores and even airport duty-free shops.   Some of this fake booze can be downright dangerous, containing methanol, instead of ethanol, and other harmful chemicals that can result in […]

Watch Your Lenses

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If you’re a photo enthusiast and like to travel with a lot of gear, watch out for thieves who feel equally enthusiastic about it.   They generally operate as a group of up to five or six people who rush up to you and seem to want to show you something.   They hold a […]

Fake Hotels and Rentals


Who knew there so many ways of parting a tourist and his money?  Although we’ve written about fake hotel bookings and vacation rentals before, the scam has risen at such an alarming rate during the past couple of years, it’s worth repeating the warning.   The scam usually takes the form of someone advertising a […]

Hotel Card Skimming

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GoBear also reports on the increasing use of skimmers at some hotels.   You hand over your credit card to pay a bill and, in addition to running it through the hotel card reader, the employee also passes it through a small pocket device, which reads and stores all your card information.   This may […]

Double Room Service Charge

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This one was reported by the consumer finance site   You’re settling in to your vacation hotel. Why not order room service and get into relaxation mode right now? A hotel employee delivers your order and asks you to sign a confirmation slip. But then he announces that this hotel doesn’t allow you to […]

Another Potential Phone Scam

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If it happens in the US it won’t take long for it to come to Canada. The U.S. Social Security Administration won’t be phoning you to tell you about a computer glitch that’s mixed up your Social Security number and that they need you to confirm the number.  It’s a scam so just hang up.

Alert of the Week


Tech support scammers have come up with a new trick to connect with victims via on-screen pop-ups. The latest pop-ups are actually automated dialers. If you click on them, your computer will call the fake support number, using your computer microphone and speakers to connect you with the crooks. Never click on a tech-support pop-up. […]

Another Phone Scam


Rockyview Computer Services tells us the following: there is another new phone scam going around and this time the scammer will tell you that they are from Telus and that your email has been compromised. Then they will want to remotely connect to your computer to resolve the issue. This is a scam folks. If […]

Red Light Ticket Scam

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Did your teen driver just run a red light? Possibly, but a much greater likelihood is that they’re the latest target of scammers. Crooks have used phony traffic citations for a long time, sending out fake tickets or simply demanding money from victims over the phone, under the pretense of being from law enforcement. Now they’ve realized […]