International CPTED Association conference – Calgary – August 6th and 7th


We have attached information received from the Executive Director of ICA  regarding their  upcoming International conference in Calgary in  August.

 2017 ICA International Conference: August 6-8 2017!

Our theme this year is: My street, my neighbourhood, my city – CPTED in action 

The Conference will be held at the Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Join delegates from around the world to discuss a range of topics, including:

  • Roles of CPTED implementers (community groups, local government, the police etc.)
  • Reducing crime through the planning, design and management of the environment
  • The role of CPTED in responding to challenges related to homelessness
  • Creating safe public spaces
  • CPTED in developing country settings
  • CPTED and educational institutions

Specific registration information can be found at

We would like to offer  ACCPA  members a discount. 

If any ACCPA members are interested in attending our conference have them use the discount code 2017Calgary and they will pay the same rate as our ICA members pay for the first registration and $300 for each addition person.

I hope this is of interest and you will forward this out to your membership and thank you for all that you and your organization does for Alberta!

Conference information and offer for ACCPA members

Hope to see you there !

Barry Davidson

Executive Director



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