Microsoft Can Help Protect Against Technology Scams

Marketing Materials - Evergreen - SMB - Photos - 300dpi - Photo 1
Marketing Materials - Evergreen - SMB - Photos - 300dpi - Photo 1

Microsoft Community Development Specialists are all about empowering the local community with support and resources. They see people walk in almost every day who have lost money or time because someone from “Microsoft” called them, they called a pop-up number on their computer and a wide variety of other fraudulent reasons. Helping to improve digital literacy skills that prevent this is an important part of the role of the Microsoft Community Development Specialist.

Microsoft has created free workshops around identifying scams like this and hosts them out of their stores for free. There are stores in both West Edmonton Mall  and Chinook Centre in Calgary. They also have content around cyberbullying prevention and cybersecurity.

Here are some useful links provided by Microsoft:

Protecting yourself online

Protecting yourself from Tech support scams or

Report a tech support scam to Microsoft

If something is wrong with your PC or you are the victim of a tech support scam stop by the Microsoft Store for a free PC check-up. Book online at