Another Phone Scam


Rockyview Computer Services tells us the following: there is another new phone scam going around and this time the scammer will tell you that they are from Telus and that your email has been compromised. Then they will want to remotely connect to your computer to resolve the issue. This is a scam folks. If […]

Red Light Ticket Scam

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Did your teen driver just run a red light? Possibly, but a much greater likelihood is that they’re the latest target of scammers. Crooks have used phony traffic citations for a long time, sending out fake tickets or simply demanding money from victims over the phone, under the pretense of being from law enforcement. Now they’ve realized […]

Microsoft Office Scam


We reported earlier about how scammers use the name of Microsoft Office to phish for personal, sign-on information. Hot on the heels of that warning comes news of an email currently circulating purporting to be from Microsoft with a message that says something like “You have 2 new Office 365 messages concerning your security update.” […]

Watch for these scams if you are vacationing


It doesn’t matter where you’re headed this vacation season — unless it’s your own backyard — travel scammers will be there, ready and waiting to catch you out. Every year we encounter a fresh crop of travel scams. There’s no shortage of ingenuity for the tricks these crooks play, as we’ll demonstrate in the first […]

Can You Trust Your Facebook Friends?


You get a message from someone you think you know who wants to become one of your Facebook Friends. Should be okay, right? Maybe not. Right now, one of the most common ruses on this site is the so-called Facebook clone scam. In this trick, crooks target Facebook accounts with weak or no privacy settings. […]

Job Scammers Step Up Their Game


Job scammers are a whole lot smarter than they used to be. In the past — and to some extent, still today — you could easily spot a fake job when the supposed employer offers you work without ever checking you out. And their “jobs” usually offered unexpectedly high pay. They often used poor English […]

“Can you hear me now?” Telephone Scam Reported

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From encrypted passwords to padlocked doors, Canadians will go to extreme lengths to avoid scammers. Now it may not be safe to pick up the phone. A new scam relies on your voice to answer a simple question: “Can you hear me now”? The scammers try to bait callers into answering “yes.” Anti-fraud agencies say […]